Rockliffe Hall Hotel Wedding Reception Disco For Kathryn & Graham Provided By Flashdance Disco

Kathryn & Graham At Rockliffe Hall Hotel For Their Wedding Reception

Kathryn & Graham at Rockliffe Hall Hotel for their Wedding Reception – the DJ/entertainment was provided by Flashdance Disco.

Flashdance Disco was proud to be back at the magnificent Rockliffe Hall Hotel near Darlington in County Durham for another fantastic wedding reception.  The whole day was a memorable experience for Kathryn & Graham (pictured) and we are sure that everyone who attended went away with many long-lasting memories of the special day.

We were booked by the happy couple to provide a wide selection of music and they were very discerning clients when it came to the music styles they wanted.  Many couples realise the need for a broad spectrum of music and that doesn’t stop them from having a smattering of their favourite selections – after all, it is their big day and they should get a chance to dance to their favourite music.

Tailoring the music to the needs of the bride and groom while also catering for a lot of age groups who attend a wedding reception party is one of the key reasons why couples hire Flashdance Disco to provide the entertainment for their big day.  The DJ will not play the music that they want or like, the DJ will play what the clients ask for an they will use their skills, knowledge and experience to encourage the guests to be a part of the wedding celebrations.

Kathryn & Graham selected ‘Shinedown – I’ll Follow You’ as their first dance and you can view that in the video below.

Venue: Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Darlington in County Durham